Building the Basics: FUT Central Midfielders: CDM, CM and CAM

When looking at the CDM position it is very important to have someone that has a very good all round card, someone whose attributes are all in and around the 70s… You’ll find that this player will be absolutely everywhere and one of the unsung heroes of the team. A lot of people seem to look to pace as a priority in every position but in CDM I feel like it is not important whatsoever, as you are looking for that big player to make the huge challenges to stop the opponents attack really flowing.

If you are looking to prioritise attributes I would say that defending and passing are the ones to look at so you will be able to break up the play with him and also look for the ambitious over the top through ball for your strikers to try and get on the end of.

witselAxel Witsel is an ideal example of the type of player that you are looking for but will require a position modifier card to change him into the CDM position, with his set of stats however, you could argue that he is the perfect CDM.

If you’re looking for someone who is naturally a CDM on the game so you know that he is going to have no problem playing there, I would recommend Blaise Matuidi. His defensive stats are incredible and you don’t have to worry about him going up field because judging by his stats this is a scenario he will shy away from.matuidi

Moving on to the Centre Mid. We have already discussed one option in Axel Witsel and he is ideal if  playing with a formation that uses just one traditional CM e.g. 4-5-1. Most of the time there will be more than one CM, in these cases I recommend having one player that can get past a few players and play a killer ball, and one that is a powerhouse, will put all the work in off the ball allowing the other skillful player to get forward.

yayaIf you have had a bit of money laying around then this man right here would be the best powerhouse option available on the market, he’ll never shy away from a challenge but also he’s got a lethal right foot on him if you wanted to try your luck from far out. With defensive stats like that you know that he’ll be a quality player for you and worth the price tag.

If you are looking for a cheaper option but someone just as good I would highly recommend Vidal. If you compare the two’s stats there is barely anything in it and when out on the pitch, Vidal is capable of being just as good as Yaya. Vidal is one of the players that has always been good in recent years and does not let you done in FIFA 14 either.

The third “Powerhouse” CM I would like to add is Paul Pogba, I only usually recommend two players for each position but I make an exception for this man. I have both used and come up against him on multiple occasions and nearly every time he is the stand out player for his team. With stats like these you can understand why, they are just a little bit less than the others but with the massive price difference between them there is only really one man you can go for. He also has a venomous shot on the game, just like in real life, and can prove himself to be just the powerhouse that every team should have.


When looking for a creative CM, you will be looking for the same stats that you are looking for in your CAM, namely dribbling, passing and shooting. You are looking for that player that can make that deadly pass but also someone that can take it past a player with ease and also has an eye for goal.

An ideal option for this position is Bastian Schweinsteiger, his top three stats are the important ones mentioned, but more importantly his passing stat is incredible and you won’t have any problem finding your wingers and strikers with him in CM. He is more known to be a CDM on the game but with attacking stats like that it’s rude not to push him up into CM…

The cheaper option for this role would be Hernanes, there are two Hernanes cards available on the market after his transfer in January which means he is extremely cheap and with dribbling and passing like that you can’t really turn him down, he is just a fraction of Schweinsteiger’s price and you would even argue that he would be better driving forward than the German playmaker.

hernanesMoving on to the CAM position and there are only two stats that I look for; dribbling and shooting, I feel like if you get these right the rest will take care of itself. There are, surprisingly, not many natural CAM cards of the market with these two stats being high, in spite of this, the cards I have found are cheap. From looking into CMs I can see that it is very easy to convert Hernanes to CAM but doing this in FIFA does effect the player’s in-game performance a bit.

The first player that I looked at was TOTS Remy Cabella and this card is absolutely fantastic, his passing, dribbling and shooting are all incredible and to top it all off he has a bit oftots cabella pace about him. A lot of people are on the world cup ultimate team, and now is the best time to buy him.

While searching for a normal gold card to rival Cabella in both stats and general gameplay I really struggled to find one that was up to his standards. I don’t know whether this is because of Cabella being so good or just the lack of good natural CAMs on the game. Surprisingly, the player who stood out for me was Alessandro Diamanti… He was the only normal gold player to have the important stats I look for in a CAM and he didn’t disappoint in-game. Obviously if I were to compare the two I would have Cabella in my team all day long but you can pick Diamanti up for about 1000-1500 on both consoles and I would consider that a steal if you are looking for that perfect CAM to slot into your Serie A or Italian team.