Crossing and Scoring Headers on Fifa 15

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Two of the dark arts of the game we love, crossing and scoring headers. Players with a David Beckham style delivery are few and far between, and are rightly praised when they appear, and those with a forehead like Alan Shearer’s to plant it onto are arguably even more hard to come by. Many systems that people deploy in the game lend themselves to delivering crosses from wide positions and scoring goals with headers, but not all of us know what we are doing, so we have put together some useful tips on how to score headers and put the perfect deliveries into your strikers.

How to Cross Effectively on Fifa 15

There are a few different types of cross that you can choose to put in on Fifa, so just like in real life it is crucial that your wingers are able to look up and see what options they have in the box before choosing to play the ball accordingly. The different types of cross and their controls are listed below.

Early Cross – L1/LB and cross

A great option for full backs and wing backs. Getting the cross in early has many benefits including catching the defenders backtracking and off balance (something that is much more realistic in Fifa 15) and allowing your strikers to nip into the gap between defence and keeper. Not easy to get right by any stretch of the imagination, but with practice can provide goals.

Normal Cross – Tap O/B

The standard “floated” cross option, this will tend to hang in the air quite a bit and is aimed at a tall striker who has good heading attributes to win in the air.

Low cross – Tap O/B twice

A lower trajectory on your cross can be great for players who are still good in the air but don’t have a lot of height, think Javier Hernandez. We suggest playing this kind of cross from the byline rather than taking it early, which increases your chances of deflections in the box or second bites of the cherry.

Ground cross – Triple tap O/B

An old favourite of many of the older Fifa games, there was a time when getting to the byline and delivering a low cross would provide goals time and time again. It can still be very effective, but you need to spot the runs of your strikers who are getting in the box to finish it to maximise your returns from this method.

Heading on Fifa 15

Winning headers on Fifa 15 is a similar prospect to in other recent editions. You need to position yourself right, have the right attributes and of course, press the right buttons!

Positioning your Player

This is absolutely key and can of course be done with the left stick. This can’t always be done before the cross comes in so you need to make moves when the cross is on its way to dart past that defender or bend your run to make contact with the ball.

A great new feature for Fifa 15 is that for set pieces and corners you can control the receiver rather than the taker, this means you can make movements off the ball to maximise your chance of getting on the end of the delivery.

Placing the Ball and Power

More than ever, this is a huge part of getting your headers right. The settings you put on the ball, including where you are directing it with your right stick and where the power bar goes up to are huge. You can choose a deft flick header by using minimal power and aiming for the direction the ball is already roughly headed, or you can send it back where it came from by aiming back towards the crosser.

Top Tip: Many have used this to great effect. As the ball is on its way to you, use your direction stick to move your player’s head backwards, in the opposite direction of where you want to put it when it reaches you. As it reaches, switch to the direction you originally intended, this will mimic the neck movements of an Alan Shearer style striker and will generate power on the header.

The Perfect Striker for Headers

There are more attributes to be on the lookout for when selecting the best striker to play in this position, and physical information too. A 6 foot 4 powerhouse is far more likely to score a lot of headers than a 5 foot 3 weed, that’s a given, but is something you should be on the lookout for when buying or selecting your striker. The attributes most important are:

  • Attack position – means your striker will get into the right positions to be winning the ball when it is crossed in.
  • Strength – a strong player is far more likely to create space and rise above the defenders to win it.
  • Heading accuracy – pretty self explanatory, the better you are at placing headers, the more of them will go in!


Heading isn’t easy on Fifa 15 and takes a little bit of time to master.¬†Practice will make perfect when it comes to getting this skill right, as it is undeniably more difficult than in previous versions of the game, but by following the tips above and getting the right personnel on board you won’t go too far wrong.