Fifa 13 Player Career Mode

Fifa’s Player Career Mode has always had the potential to be an amazing aspect of the game, but since it has been introduced to the series has probably fallen a bit short of what you’d expect. The player career mode is a lot better in Fifa 13 than it has ever been as the makers of the game continue to make wholesale improvements, and it finally has enough about it to keep you hooked.

The idea behind the player career mode is that you start off as a virtual pro (most people make a version of themselves) and join a club of your choice and attempt to become a club legend in a long and successful career. You can move clubs, improve, customize things about your pro, and your focus is on your one specific player rather than a team.

Starting a Player Career

To start a player career on the game, on the main menu you can go to career, and it gives you the option of what you want to be, instead of picking manager, pick player, and you can then make your pro (customizing the type of player and some abilities/styles) and go on to your first season.

How to Pick a Team to Be In

Which team you choose to start off in dictates the path that your career will go down, and I can tell you for free that you’re not going to walk straight into the Man United team without doing the ground work first, which means going out on loan! This is a cool (and new) feature of the player career where you will be asked to go out on loan to gain some experience and field offers from clubs that want you, the idea being you cut your teeth and become better in the lower leagues before making a career at a big team, much like real life.

Gameplay on Player Career Mode

The game play is as you would expect different on the career mode. You can choose to either play as the whole team (which kind of defeats the object if you ask me) or you can play just as your pro, which is the way I always do it. The camera angle it starts off with is different to that of the rest of the game, you look vertically up the pitch rather than horizontally as a spectator so you have a more ‘players-eye’ view of things. Controlling only one player can be tough and takes some getting used to, if you’re a striker it is tough to know when to track back and get involved and when to just stand about and wait for your turn, which I guess can be a little boring but it is realistic nonetheless. For the most action, be a box to box Midfielder!!!


Your improvement on the game depends a lot on your performances, the more you work at things in the games and the more you achieve, the better you will become. It takes patience to become the next Messi but it is really rewarding when you improve.


I’ve never played on the Player Career Mode a lot, but I do find it tickling my fancy on Fifa 13, improvements still to come on future games but this is definitely up to scratch now and can make a nice change to the manager mode a lot of us play on, plus you get to put yourself in the game!