Fifa 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Preview

FUT World CupWith the world cup nearly upon us EA have decided to help everyone catch onto world cup fever and also make a ton of money doing so, but after all they are a business and making a lot of money is what they are good at.

To be fair to them the new add-on does look incredible and something I am personally looking forward to. The only thing that I am not so pleased about is that there is no transfer market whatsoever so if you pack that incredible player once you can’t sell him to get an all round amazing team but if you somehow manage to pack him twice there is no other option but to quick sell him. It may hurt a bit having to quick sell someone like Ronaldo.

The things that I do like about the game are that if you buy a pack in the world cup version you get a free gold pack on the regular version of FUT. Also, there is no online season, it is purely going head to head online and trying to bring home the world cup.

The download is completely free and available on old and new generation consoles – the way that they will make their money on it is the sheer amount of packs that are going to be bought with FIFA points everywhere. It could be argued that there is no transfer market in order to completely eliminate coin traders from this version of the game which will increase the amount of packs being bought.


How the chemistry works:

  • Being as it’s a world cup, the way chemistry works is a bit different, obviously you will get the best chemistry from players from the same country but also you will get good chemistry with players from the same continent.
  • The players ratings have changed based on how they do at world cups – someone like Valencia’s rating is quite low as he is not expected to have a great world cup.

They will probably be releasing Man of the match cards on this version and may not release them on the normal version of FUT, which will make buying packs a lot more popular on the game.

A very generous gift from EA is that when you start your club you are given 12 free packs to build your team. The release date is the 29th of May and I personal can’t wait to start building my very own world cup team to take online and challenge and hopefully bring home the world cup.