Fifa 14′s Best Free Agents

Career mode is great fun when you have unlimited funds to build a super team, when playing with Europe’s elite clubs. But what about those of us who like to wheel and deal? Those of us that want to scratch round for a bargain? Maybe you’re starting your career off in the 4th tier of English football or a similar level, and do not have unlimited funds? Below is a list of the best free agents at the start of your career mode, perfect if you’re less Mourinho and more Redknapp.

Darwin Cuero-GK

This young 18 year old has amazing potential and is a fantastic signing for any lower league manager. He starts with an overall rating of 64 but, with game time, has the potential to reach the low 80′s. A real good acquisition for the long term in between the sticks, but also perfect if you’re a bigger club in need of a number two stopper.

Kim Young Kwon-CB

I advise almost anybody in need of defensive reinforcements on a budget to look at this centre back. Aged 20 he comes with rating a rating of 70, more than enough to do a good job at championship level, and has the potential to grow to 81.

Christian Vargas-RB

If you need to find a good full back to do you a job for a season or two then this lad fits the bill. Rated 69 and at 30 years of age, he is by no means a world beater, but you can’t really grumble when he is free.

Svetoslav Dyakov-CDM

A very solid no nonsense defensive midfielder, this lad is a real battler and can be the water carrier of your team. Rated 68 he has more than enough ability to perform in the lower leagues. Agile, strong and with good stamina he really is the perfect shield in front of your defence.

Thuso Phala-RW

In need of a nippy winger to carve out chances, and run the opposition full back? Then Phala is your man. Speed and Acceleration in the high 80′s will scare many a lower league defender. Not the best technically he is very effective for most league one sides or as an impact sub in the higher leagues.

Marko Futacs-ST

If you’re looking for a big strong target man to do you a good job in mid table championship teams or lower then call Marko. A powerful player with 92 for strength he is very tall and decent at heading accuracy. Can come off the bench if you need to go long, but perfect if you have nippy wide men and full backs to provide the ammo.=

Emil Gargorov-CF

This man may be aged 32 but with a 71 rating you can’t complain too much considering he’s free. He is a really good all round striker, who is reasonably mobile and has decent attributes in all the technical areas. Will bag plenty of goals in League 1.

There are lots more quality free agents out there that can be used very effectively depending on what type of tactics you use. These are just a few that we found to be very good and fit well into most teams. The most important thing to remember is that these guys are free! Judge them on their merits and do not expect to find Messi lurking in their ranks and you will be fine. As the game advances, get your scouts looking for players with expiring contracts to find some truly amazing freebies (Daniel Agger within a year, for example).