FIFA 15 Career Mode Aston Villa-How To Get The Villains Back On Top

Fifa Blogger are laying out a complete guide on the best moves to make when starting out a career mode with all the teams in The Barclays Premier League. In this guide we will be giving you some hints and tips on how to be successful with Aston Villa.



Weekly Wages- 877,750


Guzan-78 overall
Given-74 overall
Siegrist-61 overall


Hutton-71 overall
Senderos-72 overall
Baker-71 overall
Cissokho-74 overall
Lowton-73 overall
Bacuna- 67 overall
Okore- 73 overall
Vlaar-79 overall
Lewis-49 overall
Nehemie-53 overall
Stevans-62 overall
Clark-73 overall
Leggett-53 overall 


Westwood-72 overall
N’Zogbia-75 overall
Cleverly-74 overall
Delph-75 overall
Richardson-73 overall
Grealish-66 overall
J.Cole-74 overall
Sanchez-76 overall
O’Brien-53 overall
Graham-58 overall


Weimann-73 overall
Benteke- 80 overall
Kozak-73 overall
Agbonlahor-73 overall
Bent-74 overall
Crooks-49 overall
Burke-59 overall

In the 80′s Villa where lifting the European cup, in the early 90′s they were challenging for the Premier League Title and in the late 2000′s they were coming very close to breaking into the top four. We want to bring back those glory days in your FIFA 15 Aston Villa career mode.

Aston Villa have a very young squad, and are not blessed with a huge budget considering the work that needs doing to the team. You may see a big striker like Benteke and think, lets cross the ball, however you have no pacey wingers to speak of. Bringing in the sufficient quality and depth to deploy a wide system is simply not practical on the budget given. Therefore you will need to make the most of the strength you have in the middle of the park. The defence is also very strong and has good potential.

Your first moves should be to list Alan Hutton,Darren Bent and all the young players who are rated under 70, but are aged over 23. The big names will bring in some handy cash and free up big wages. Those young lads are not going to make an impact and will turn a little extra cash that can be invested in scouts etc. Remember to use those budget sliders to your advantage.

One temptation to resist is selling Benteke. If you must sell him, bang loads of goals in during the first season, then sell him when he has developed more and his stock is high. I would advise keeping him though and having him lead the charge to glory, as he is one of the very best strikers in the game.

Vlaar needs to be offered a new contract. Sell him on when he has done you a good job for two seasons and he is in great form, but starting to age into his 30′s. Okore will be your top guy at the back. He is a physical beast, and has the potential to climb well into the 80′s.

When players we will advise sticking with those under 25. Exceptions can be made, but in general you want that potential and the ability to turn a great profit on them, This is how you will assemble your ultimate Villa team. Start by looking to pick up a full back and some more depth in central midfield. Preferably a creative player. You have enough at full back, but some extra options never hurt, and Bacuna is a little weak if Lowton gets injured. You may also want to bring in a young winger you can develop using a different formation in cup games. This will give you a player capable of stepping up in the second season when you look to change the way you play.

These are the players we would look to target in the first transfer window.

Zakaria Bakkali- The perfect young winger to develop in the first season. Can be picked up cheap from PSv

Leon Goretzka- Really good centrally or out wide. Huge potential but may prove a bit pricey.

Joel Campbell-Look to bring him in on loan as another wide option, or as an extra striker. Also contract is expiring so maybe one you can use to reshape your formation in the second season.

Raphael Guerreiro- Really promising young left back who will develop fantastically. Better back up than Richardson and can be deployed at RB as well.

There are also plenty of others to target so shop around and use your scouts. The next thing to consider is the formation for your first team, and then the second team sheet for the young players/reserves.

As we said earlier we are going to play without genuine wingers in a 4-3-1-2. This does not mean you can still not exploit the flanks though, and if you want to see more on our complete guide to using player roles and tactics so you can create the perfect formation, take a look at our FIFA 15 Guide HERE. This is how we line up.

RCM- Cleverly
LCM- Delph

This makes the most of that and puts a lot the young players in to develop well. The classic little and large combo up top will cause plenty of problems, and can guide this team to European qualification. Next up we have the line up we would deploy to get the most of your second string. It is a 4-2-2-2 with 2 wide CAM’s

RB- Bacuna
CB- Senderos
CB- Clark
CDM- Westwood
LS- Kozak

Again you have a big man to make the most of crosses, and win knock downs for the smaller striker and attacking midfield players. This will also develop young players, and young wingers. This will come in handy for the second season when we would suggest changing to a 4-3-3.

Small extras you can look for at villa include a young goalkeeper, perhaps from the academy, to be played instead of Given, and more depth out wide if you want to try playing a wide system from the start. Villa do have a young squad and developing them for your own uses, and sell on fees will be crucial.


If you want to see more on tactics and how to scout the best young talent, on a budget, it can all be found HERE in our FIFA 15 GUIDE





In the 80′s Villa where lifting the European cup, in the early 90′s they were challenging for the Premier League Title and in the late 2000′s they were coming very close to breaking into the top four.