FIFA 15 Career Mode Wonderkids-The Best Young Players ON FIFA 15

With the massive improvements made to how players develop, and also the Team management system in FIFA 15, developing players has never been so good. You can rotate squads easier, to bring in the young guns for the cup, and players directly benefit like never before from additional game time. Below we have a list of The best young players on FIFA 15, and because they all start off at 20 years old or younger we are labeling them the FIFA 15 wonderkids. These players are perfect if you are the type of career mode player who gives youth a chance, and we have all areas of the pitch covered.

Simone Scuffet-GK

Quite simply one of the best young keepers we have seen on a FIFA game for a long time. It is rare you see a goalkeeper with these kind of ratings and still in his teens, he starts off with and overall beyond 70. He will develop quickly, and easily challenge Courtois and De Gea for that best stopper in the world title.

Aymeric Laporte-CB

The man from Bilbao is a must have if your a top team in need of a long term defensive solution. He can come in an excel straight away with a rating of 81 overall at the start of the game. He will reach the high 80′s and is part of what is a golden generation of french talent. Also versatile enough to play very well at left back.

Niklas Sule-CB

The German teen is an imposing challenge for strikers even from an early age. This is due to his 90 strength attribute and it only progresses from there. He also develops  a lethal heading accuracy and becomes a top notch tackler.

Jonathan Tah-CB

Another big and strong German centre back, Tah is in a similar mold to Sule. He is a little rougher round the edges and has a slightly lower rating to start with, however he soon changes that. Capable of reaching the mid 80′s from his modest 68 starting point, if you can give him the time he will flourish.

Luke Shaw-LB

Back after being a golden boy in FIFA 14, Shaw is now at Manchester United, and still as packed with potential as before. Still with a modest rating of 75, he can progress to 85 easily, and will offer you a powerful and lightning quick full back. Very handy at tracking back to cover and at bombing forward.

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Callum Chambers-RB

Shaw’s fellow youth team graduate from Southampton, Chambers also got a big move this summer to Arsenal. The young Englishman is even more powerful than Shaw but not quite as speedy. He is versatile and well equipped enough to play centre half also, so that should help you fit him into your team when trying to develop him.


Another off the production line at Barcelona, Grimaldo is like a Jordi Alba mark 2. Quick and with good stamina he can roam that left flank all game. He only starts off at 68, but his pace means he can hold his own against much better players and he is also a decent passer when bringing the ball out.

Youri Tielemans-CM

Maybe the best find of FIFA 15 career mode, this young Belgian is 17 at the start of the game and comes with a 73 overall already!  That can then reach at least 88 as the years progress allowing him to become one of footballs great midfield players. He truly is the complete midfielder, mobile and strong enough to keep running all day, He will also develop the technique required to dictate play, and the aggression and tackling to win the ball back for himself. A quite magnificent playmaker over time and the perfect midfield general.

Will Hughes-CM

Hughes is one of English footballs biggest hopes, and on FIFA 15 he can deliver on that to the max. Gifted technically and with the ball at his feet, he posses the vision to unlock the door from 5 yards, or from deep in midfield. He will also develop the pace to drive on and join up with attacks, or beat players to create openings for himself.

Junior Malanda-CDM

If you need somebody to be your midfield powerhouse then why not turn to yet another one of Belgiums golden generation. Malanda is insanely strong and will break up play really well from the start. He is also a brilliant tackler and will can play for the top teams from the start as these attributes will carry him through, Then once his other attributes start catching up you will soon find yourself with the worlds best holding midfielder.

Levin Oztunali-CDM

Levin makes the list not only because of how good he becomes, but because of how much he grows in the game. He can leap as many as 22 marks from his starting overall! Another deep lying midfielder, he will be more adept at creating things from deep and starting moves off, rather than breaking up the play. Think more Xabi Alonso than Claude Makelele.

Max Meyer-CAM

Yet another German for the list, Meyer starts off rated 75 and can climb into the high 80′s. Quick and mobile he will pick the ball up and square up defenders to get them on the back foot. To begin with he is best used to create his own openings but over time develops the ability to create with little through balls, and long passes that bring his teammates into play.

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Angel Correa-CAM

Correa also starts off with a overall rating of 75, however i find he is a more complete player to start with than Meyer. Much quicker, and with a bit more in the finishing areas, he can be a real goal threat from deep. Also because of that explosive pace you can use him to cut in from out wide, and unleash long shots that progress over time to be deadly.

Alen Halilovic-CAM

We speculated that the Barcelona man may be an amazing prospect on this game, and we were right! He is the best passer out of the three CAM’s i have mentioned here, but is also the slowest, and starts off with a lower overall rating of 71. He is still very quick though and agile, attributes which improve over time. Very good technically he would easily fit in being deployed slightly deeper in midfield once he has developed more as a player.

Lazar Markovic-RM

Liverpool’s new man may have gone a little under the radar, but he is a world beater on FIFA 15. He is lightning quick from the start of the game, so he can hold his own in your team even if you play at the top. He is also very agile and will develop his shooting quickly so he will become a genuine gaoal threat. After a few seasons he was my favourite career mode winger to use, and his high starting rating of 78 is great for a lad still 20 years old.

Leon Goretzka-RM

Goretzka returns from FIFA 14 still an extremely promising young talent. He was a complete box to box central player then, but now he drifts out wide more. Definitely more of a wide midfielder in a David Beckham sense than a chalk on your boots winger, he is extremely well rounded. He has the speed to go outside and beet his man, but the power and tackling to help out his full back. He really is top notch when drifting in and linking up play with his passing. The perfect player for the right of a narrow diamond.

Memphis Depay-LW

A real attacking winger who will run at his man and cut inside, Depay is the modern footballer to a T. Quick, gifted technically and a real goal threat, you can see why he is so sought after. A huge addition to any team in career mode and his 78 overall makes him pretty dangerous to start with.

Timo Werner-LW

If you want a young lad with electric pace, who will carry the ball on the outside and whip it in then Werner is your boy. This is his game from the start with 90 ratings for both sprint speed and Acceleration, yet he will become much more than that. He will develop passing and also finishing to go with his already impressive dribbling. A genuine winger who can create, and score.

Richairo Zivkovic-ST

Starting off with a 69 rating and modest attributes, Zivkovic takes those and runs with them! He quickly becomes a pacey, nippy front man that will jink between defenders and apply deadly finishes. He can also develop a great leap and heading accuracy, to make him a very dangerous player no matter how the ball comes to him.

Neal Maupay-ST

The Frenchman was a very good player on FIFA 14, yet overshadowed by some other young strikers. Well this year he is heading the pack. Pace ratings in the high 80′s despite his 64 overall to start, means you can get Maupay in the right positions to score even before he starts to improve. His dribbling, finishing, first touch and movement all reach exceptional levels making him the perfect poacher. A French Michael Owen.


We have added the names of even more top quality young talent to our FIFA 15 wonderkid list! Need more young players? Well we are bringing you even more! We have an additional 7 names that will carry your career mode club into the future, and keep them at the top for years to come! Here are a few more of the best young players on FIFA 15.

Andre Moreira

The man from Portugal is the perfect option to develop behind an experienced number one keeper. He only starts off with a 64 overall, but will hit 80 given the time. If handled correctly he will go beyond that and earn you at worst a hefty sell on profit, and at best a club legend for many seasons.

Matthias Ginter

Dortmund have only just brought the promising young man on board in the game, so you will have to wait to make your move for him. It is really worth that time though. He starts off at 77, but by the time you get him may be as high as 80, with the potential to climb to 85 at least. He is not the quickest, but not slow either. Very strong and powerful he is a great all round defender. Good at all aspects rather than excelling in one particular kind. For that reason he really is the perfect partner for anybody at the back.

John Stones

Everton’s young Englishman starts off  rated 71, and grows to be as high as 83-85. Very tall and dominant in the air, his ability to fill in at right back means he is also comfortable on the ball, and quite speedy for a defender. A very solid option with lots of potential to become even better.

Nicola Murru

The lad from Cagliari starts off with a modest rating of 71. His pace and acceleration are in the high 70′s so will progress into the 80′s in not time at all. Just 20 years old he can grow at least 12 marks up to 83, which is an exceptional rating for a full back in FIFA. A dominant tackler, he also has good delivery into the box and can run all day. More of a defensive full back than a bomb on attacker, but still capable of getting himself forward.

Tonny Vilhena

This player can become the lynch pin of any team in the middle of the park. He can literally do it all and grows into one of the bets all round midfielders. Look at his marks to begin with and you will see to go along with his 73 overall, he has hardly any attributes below 70. This means he develops all of them fast and can do any job you ask of him in the midfield. He has a good turn of pace, he can pass shoot, dribble and has a killer first touch. A club captain in the making and the true midfield general.

Kingsley Koman

As well as having a quality name, this lad also has something else. Unreal speed. With acceleration 89 and sprint speed 91, the 18 year old is a dream winger. His pace means he will fit into any team immediately and be able to make things happen, even if he lacks consistent end products to begin with. Potential in the mid 80′s offers you a rapid winger who can frighten defences from the start, or off the bench.

James Wilson

Manchester United’s young goal poacher has been upgraded for FIFA 15. A great young striker who can play on the shoulder of defenders, he has decent speed, that develops fast. His dribbling and finishing all get very good. Do not expect him to contribute much in other areas of the pitch, or build up play, but he can become the ultimate goal scorer.