How To Do Celebrations On FIFA 15- Performing The New Celebrations On FIFA 15

Is there really any point in winning if you can’t celebrate? Well ever since FIFA made it possible to control what you do when you score a goal, players have been hooked. Each year the footballing world offers up new classic celebrations, and they are usually then added to that years FIFA game release. Just like Mario doing his classic muscle pose at the European Championships, and FIFA quickly adding it to their next release.

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Well exactly the same has happened this year, and Fifa Blogger are going to let you know how to do celebrations on FIFA 15. Below is a list of all the new celebrations for FIFA 15 and how to perform them in game. We also have a tutorial video direct from EA Sports on how to do them, and what they look like in the game.


Right Here Right Now

A celebration that offers a lovely little mix of arrogance and purpose. Your player will jump around and turn his back to the crowd, before pointing down at the turf and muttering something presumably inspiring.

Xbox- Hold RB + Press B

PlayStation- Hold R1 + Press O

Old Man

The celebration made famous by a certain striker from Cameroon, responding to a certain Portugese managers insinuations he was to old to score regular goals. The best example of a celebration featuring heavily in the media and transferring into the game. Your player bends over as if suffering from a bad back and mimes walking with a stick.

Xbox-Hold- Hold LT + Press RS

PlayStation- Hold L2 +Press R3

Stand Tall

Your player will spin around, with his back to the crowd, and spread his arms out in an almost angelic pose.

Xbox-Hold- Hold RB+ Hold <-RS

PlayStation- Hold R1 + Hold <-R3

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Kiss The Wrist

A hungry strikers favourite way to celebrate after banging in yet another goal, lest hope he doesn’t find the urge to bite again while doing it. Or that could be very messy indeed… Your player will kiss his wrist and then hold three fingers up the air.

Xbox- Hold LT + Double Tap B

PlayStation-Hold L2 + Double Tap O

Bite The Hand

This celebration would probably be more appropriate for Mr Suarez. Either way your player takes a little nible on his hand and then spreads his arms to the crowd, begging for praise from the masses.

Xbox- Hold LT + Flick Down RS Up RS

PlayStation- Hold L2 + FLick Down R3 Up R3

Flag Kick

The sort of kick Eric Cantona should of performed instaed of targetting that poor Palace fan. Your player does  aKarate kick in mid air, yet it can be performed near the corner flag also. More on them in a bit.

Xbox- Hold LB + Double Tap X

PlayStation- Hold L1 + Double Tap Square

Flag Celebration

This is the best new celebration to be added in my opinion. Players kicking, punching or jumping over the corner flag has been around for year. Well now FIFA 15 had brought it to the table by putting them in the game. Your player will run over to the flag and perform a random interaction with the flag to celebrate. It is also nice andeasy to do. BONUS!


Xbox and PlayStation- Sprint at The Corner Flag