Fifa 15 Release Date, Platforms and Pre Order Details

FIFA 15 LogoIt is time to start getting excited about Fifa 15! Just as the excitement of the start of the season has sunk in, we can get ready to replicate it on our Xbox or Playstation. With the new generation consoles, the game promises to be absolutely huge, and boasts loads of exciting new features.

Release Dates for Fifa 15:

US Release Date (Fifa Soccer 15): 23rd September 2014
UK and Europe Release Date: 25th September 2014

Platforms for Fifa 15:

PS Vita
Xbox One
Xbox 360
Nintendo 3DS

Pre Order Fifa 15 in the UK:

As far as the best price goes, as with any new game there is really very little competition in the pre release, and heading to Amazon with the free p and p is the best bet. £45 is the standard price for new gen consoles. £40 on PS3 and Xbox 360

Pre Order Fifa 15 in the USA:

So there we have it. Hopefully you’re as excited as we are with all the incredible new features added by the guys over at EA. Whatever your console, get it pre ordered and in a few weeks time the new FIFA will be on your doorstep…