Fifa 15 Shooting Guide: How to Shoot on Fifa’s Latest Installment

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There are few things more fulfilling than watching your strikers bang in the goals on Fifa 15, whether you’re in career mode managing a tiny team, with your ultimate team or just playing as a footballing leviathan. As with every installment of Fifa, shooting is an art which needs to be mastered. No two games have ever been identical when it comes to shooting, but as always, Fifa Blogger is on your side, ready with a full guide on how to shoot, and score goals, on Fifa 15.

EA Sports have gone all out to make this game as realistic as possible, and shooting is no exception. The attributes and ratings of your players will of course make a huge impact, and not just their finishing stat, things like long shots and balance play a huge part. Timing is a hugely important part of the game, and to be able to hit the back of the net with a full repertoire of strikes, your timing is going to need to be spot on. Connecting with crosses or hitting volleys often provides the most beautiful of goals, but the chances are your strikers are going to need to have good balance and agility marks as well as shooting, and practice makes perfect when it comes to getting the power and timing right. When ‘powering up’ your shot (holding in the shoot button until the power is as desired), your own skill really comes into play, tapping too gently on Fifa 15 will almost definitely mean a scuff or a weak shot that will be gobbled up by defence or keeper or just trickle harmlessly wide, hit it too hard and even the best players in the world can shank it into row zed.

Using the Right Stick Whilst Shooting

This is hugely important, and will largely dictate where your strike ends up, and if you manage to beat the keeper or not. The right stick will choose the direction of where your shot is going and can help you to keep your shots down as well as direct them. Shots from outside the box are those where you will most notice the impact of the right stick, as your swerve and bend will be added by what you choose to do with your right thumb while connecting with the ball, this can mean scoring some exceptional goals.

How to Score Using Finesse Shot

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The finesse shot has been a part of Fifa for a few installments now, and they’re still tweaking it, as always you can use finesse by pressing¬†RB/R1 depending on your console whilst powering up your shoot button. Moreso than in previous editions, we’ve found this to be extremely helpful when going through one on one, and as chipping has become a more difficult way to score (or certainly more difficult to master), using the finesse finish is a way to open your body up and slide it into the corners, using the Right Stick again to choose where you want to place the ball. Make sure you have enough power on the ball to ensure it doesn’t trickle into the keepers arms. The finesse shot can also be a real asset with top players from outside of the box, and the Messis, Bales and Ronaldos of this world can score you some spectacular curlers from outside the box using the RB/R1 button.

Using the Chip Shot

Visually very pleasing, and on Fifa 14 these were the go-to option when going through one on one, they’ve become a little tougher to master. Timing, as already mentioned, is vital, and with the added goalkeeping intelligence on this edition of the game you can’t take the guy between the sticks for a mug. Keep a close eye on what the keeper chooses to do if you go through one on one and if you time it right, you can score chips anywhere from 25 yards inwards in a one on one, but again you need to focus more on the power meter and make sure you have put enough on it to lift it past the keeper.

Acrobatic Shots

The party piece of the Fifa shooting repertoire, the acrobatic shot. Holding LT/L2 whilst shooting when the ball is in the air or an awkward position can give you a whole new range of shots including overhead kicks and cheeky little flicks. Tough to master, easy to fall over and look stupid (just like real life) but if they come off they are truly exceptional. Player ability comes into play a lot here, those big burly centre halves might not be up to this, but your tricky wingers and strikers will eat it up.


Shooting is tough to master on Fifa 15 but is undoubtedly one of the biggest advancements they have made since previous editions. Goals truly are the “business end” of the pitch, and lets face it, they’re the highlights we all savour over tackles and passes. ¬†With our guide to shooting, and hitting the back of the net in Fifa 15, hopefully you will be the Leo Messi of the football world in no time.