FIFA 15 Team Management Reveal- First Look

EA Sports are further wetting our appetite these last few days, with a look at how the new team management set up will look. Not only does it have a slick new look, it also gives us an insight into how FIFA 15 is set to have a much greater focus on tactics this year. We take a look below at what it all means, and also have a video full of all the screencaps released by EA Sports at the bottom of this page.

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They have brought in what they call the “team sheet” (original we know) that allows players to customise their clubs in a way like never before. You can customise six different team sheets per club and swap between them at will. EA Sports say this will allow you to change tactics based on your next game, how the match is developing and even based on how much stamina your players have left. These added tweaks sound fantastic and should really help all the career mode players out there, but will also have major implications on how you play Ultimate Team.

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Up to five new attacking and defending player instructions can be added to each player. These give you more control over how your players perform in an attack and defence.  For example you could ask your strikers off the ball runs to focus on running behind the back line if you have a speedy front man. Or maybe you would like your big target man to move towards the ball so he can hold it up for the other players. It is all possible this year on FIFA 15.

Selecting the best players for roles such as free kicks and corners will now also be quicker and easier. You will have all the attributes needed to make your judgement laid out in front of you, and navigating between them all will be much simpler.

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You can lock in a default tactic to your team sheet, so its set before hitting the pitch, or you can go into even greater detail by taking advantage of all the massive customisation options available this year.

One thing is clear from this announcement. FIFA 15 is trying very hard to keep evolving and keep moving forward, making the way we play the game on our consoles even more realistic than ever before. With all these tactical options they are trying to remove any feeling of repetition you receive when playing football games on a console. The background images and skins look really cool and it appears EA Sports have really put it all in to this years release.

Have a look below at a video showing you what the exclusive screen shots look like.