Fifa 15 Trailer breakdown: It All Begins Here

FIFA 15 LogoIt’s begun… The frenetic scrabbling for information and rumours that mean the inevitable has happened; EA Sports have given their big reveal for the latest installment of their cornerstone franchise, Fifa. As always the presentation looked breathtaking, as did the trailer, and with the untapped potential of the next gen consoles this years installment looks set to be the best yet.

With the tag line for this year being “feel the game” Ea have tried very hard to create that thing seldom found in a video game; real emotion. It is even harder to quantify something that even us as fans have a hard time explaining – Why do we love football? Why do we get so pumped up, so angry and so elated at its results? Well the boys at EA have had a go at answering that enigmatic question through their latest virtual presentation, and the trailers suggest they may have cracked it.

The gameplay trailer and further presentation by EA execs from E3 show how they have worked on creating unique and realistic stadium atmospheres from some of the worlds most iconic venues. This means that you can expect to be seeing the Poznan being deployed against you if you go and try to conquer fortress Etihad on legendary difficulty. The gameplay trailer even claims “this isn’t fiction, this is real life” and that statement more than anything shows what the boys and girls at Fifa are looking to achieve in the coming season. It also talks up the new player emotion feature, linking every player on the pitch by the events that unfold during the game. For example, if a centre back wipes out your star striker, your captain could come storming over to get involved which could see those two players niggling at each other for the remainder of the match. Also, if you’re playing in a cup final or title decider, chances are you will see the strain, agony and ecstasy reflected in the players’ body language and reactions to match events. This new feature will help to create genuine ‘needle’ in matches. Also revealed is a “live pitch” feature which will see the ground cut up in the rain and get your players caked in mud if the conditions are bad. It’s topped off by the little tidbits like corner flags moving when hit by balls, and crossbars being left shaking when you lash a 30 yarder agonisingly against the woodwork rather than the back of the net. All of these new facets of the game will massively add to the presentation on match day and will go a long way to creating a genuine football experience that reflects how much this game means to us as fans.

As always they claim to have sharpened the player animations and that the players are now represented as lean, strong, fit (Neil Shipperly won’t be in the legends team then) professional athletes. This reflects in how your virtual Ronaldos and Messis perform and should see you getting even more from the game and really improving the most important thing of all for Fifa games, the realism of player performance.

As always EA Sports yearly reveal at E3 has only served to whet our appetite slightly and barely scratches the surface of what the final game will look like. We all still have many more joyous hours to squeeze out of Fifa 14 and a whole summer of football to attempt to recreate on our consoles with mates. One thing is certain though; Fifa Blogger will have all the latest news and reviews on the next installment in the Fifa series as, and when it becomes available. In closing Fifa rarely overhaul their franchise completely, taking a if it’s not broke don’t fix it approach to development, however this Fifa isn’t focusing on how the game looks as much as it on how the game feels, and if they capture the same level of detail in that as they have managed in every other aspect of their yearly multi-console must have, we could well be in for something very special indeed.