FUT – Building the Basics; Centre Backs

Is it no secret that the easiest and best way to earn coins is by playing games and winning divisions, to do this you need to need to find that winning formula in your team. One of the biggest problems people have is paying that big price tag for a player and him not performing, leaving someone like Ibarbo to absolutely destroy you.

When building a new team I always look at the defense as the most important part of the team because if you can lock the defense down the goals should take care of themselves. The most important defensive stats in my opinion are pace and heading, this is because you need your centre back to be quick off the mark to deal with even the fastest strikers on the game, meaning your opponent can’t just beat you with the chip through-ball again and again.

Heading is just as important as pace in my opinion. How many headed goals do you conceded in Fifa 14? Yep, loads… Having someone that is great in the air at the back could be the difference between losing and winning. Not only is he great to have to defend the crosses he will also be a great asset when it comes to attacking set pieces. Corners are another thing that are “overpowered” in FIFA 14 and you might as well use this to your advantage!!

Here are two players that link well, are cheap and perform well in the game:


They both have 77 pace which is great for a CB and also both 80+ heading… Mangala is the better card and one of the best defenders on the game and yet you can pick him up for less than 1000 on both consoles. Alongside him I’ve used Koscielny because of his pace but also because okoscielnyf his nationality, if you are looking to make a team with Mangala in it, Koscielny may be his ideal partner in crime as coming from the same country will increase your squads chemistry, something which plays a big part in ultimate team.


The best player for these stats in the game is Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos… With 80 pace and 86 heading he is the ideal CB for anyone’s team. When you see his upgraded version you’ll wish you had a way to get the coins to have players like that in your team. Luckily, we’ve got that covered too!