FUT Building the Basics: Full Backs

albaToday we move on to the next area of our “Building the Basics” series with a look at the full backs in ultimate team.

Is it perhaps little surprise that everyone’s most looked at attribute for this position is pace, as teams attempt to cope with the speedy wingers that they inevitably are going to face. Pace isn’t the only stat that matters though, the formation and system you play will dictate which attributes should be prioritised.

If you are playing a flat four at the back with wingers in front of them I would recommend looking at the tackle stat as well. If you are playing with wing backs then I would consider the dribbling stat as the second most important as he will be bombing up and down the wing a lot. I’d say pace is the most important stat as a quick player can can prevent the crosses coming in and being nodded into an open goal and also get forward for an overlap on the counter attack.

Another thing that you should look at (not many people do) is the attacking and defensive work rate. We all moan when we concede because their full back is out of position and attacking… When looking for a full back you should be looking for someone with high defensive work rate and a low attacking work rate, picking out these attributes will ensure that they are not prone to getting forward a lot and will be in position for the dreaded counter attack.

Below are two examples of full backs in the same league with a high defensive work rate so you know that your structure will hold at the back:




These two players do lack in the pace department but you know that having them you will be a constant back four instead of a ropey defensive two or three.

If you are looking for the players most deadly on the counter, who can also put a good tackle in when needed and keep up with the wingers, there is no doubt that these two world-beaters are the best in the game:

alba alves