FUT New Features for FIFA 15 Announced

With Gamescom still going on in Germany the FIFA 15 announcements are coming out thick and fast and the latest new features to be announced are all Ultimate team related;


The first feature and the one that I personally think is the best is concept squads… This is a feature that allows you to build squads even if you don’t have the players you need in your club yet. It will give you something to work towards as you can save the squad and when you buy the player the card will automatically change to yours in the squad builder. I think another reason that EA have introduced this is kill off squad builder sites online that do a similar thing, and have started to do really well off the game.

Another feature that could link in with this is “Loan a player” if you had that one ideal squad in mind but you didn’t want to take the risk on a couple of the expensive players in the team and you wanted to try them in the team before actually buying them outright you would’ve been stumped on Fifa 14, but you now can do exactly this with the update to Ultimate team:


It is unclear if you have to pay coins to get the players on loan and if this is the case then I personally won’t use this feature because I would just prefer to buy him outfit and if he doesn’t fit in try and sell him on for a profit.

The third thing they are introducing is something that isn’t new to the game but is new to FUT:

Friendly seasons are used when playing friends in normal head-to-head matches on line but are now being introduced to Ultimate team, there is no financial benefit to winning a season against a friend, it is there purely for bragging rights, but adds an excellent new way to enjoy the FUT mode of the game.


The final thing that has been announced is just the change of one of the attributes on the player cards, they have decided to get rid of the “Heading” trait on them and add “Physical” to them instead…

The physical stat is measured by mixing the Stamina, strength and jumping traits and creating a medium for them, I think it’s a lot better than just measuring heading as you will know if your big lone striker is going to be pushed off the ball easily or not instead of just what his heading ability is like.