Goals Win Games-The Best Strikers On FIFA 15

You may well have seen our list of best young strikers for your career mode team, the lads who are not quite the finished article yet but with time can grow to be world class front men. Well that is all well and good, but what if you need success now? What if you are in trouble and need goals fast. You are at a big club and you just can’t finds the back of the net? Well the lads on this list are here to help. Fifa Blogger offer a list of the best strikers on FIFA 15.

We also realise that not every team needs the same type of striker, so we have split it into two lists. We have 5 players who are the best strikers on FIFA 15 at running in behind, stretching defences and getting goals. Basically your pacey strikers and poachers.

The next five on the list are your big men. The best strikers on FIFA 15 who can take the ball in to feet, hold it up and be a big threat in the box. Basically the best strikers on FIFA 15 who are target men.

Quick Strikers

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeroenbennink/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeroenbennink/

Lionel Messi- 93

An obvious place to start, but how could we leave him out. He is much more than a pacey man that runs in behind. He can dribble, pass and in truth probably drops deep to create more than most out and out strikers. His deadly shooting and electric pace though will cause problems for any defence, and makes him the very best.


Sergio Aguero-86

My favourite quick striker in the game. He will carry the ball well, speed away from opponents and finish with deadly accuracy. Add to that decent short passes and great positioning and reactions and he is the perfect player to play on the shoulder.

Luis Suarez-89

Barcelona’s new man is a quality option in the game. His dribbling is second to non, and when he makes his chances, he will take them. Great acceleration will mean he can burst away from opponents when running in behind. Bareclona have to deploy him from out wide, but he is best through the middle.


Robin Van Persie-88

Seeing as he is not particularly quick this choice in controversial, but he is not a target man that’s for sure. However his great movement, and unreal finishing mean he is a deadly poacher. If he has quality people picking out the passes, his movement will negate the need for speed, and he will still score you bags full of goals.

Daniel Sturridge-83

This man is a natural goal scorer, and somebody who will frighten defenders. Very quick and great with the ball at his feet, Sturridge also has room to improve if you do purchase him in career mode. He can also pick it up deep and strike them from distance with great accuracy.

Target Men Strikers

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-90

The big Swede is the ultimate target man. He can bring it down at any height or angle, flick it on for others and then has the vision to pick out a pass of it is at his feet. He can dribble and has a decent burst of pace and is very strong. Then you get the clinical finishing, outrageous shot power and brilliant attacking header to finish off the ultimate target man.

Diego Costa-85

A nightmare for defenders, he is like Drogba in his prime. He is very strong but also quick enough to run in behind. A great leap and clinical finishing round off my favourite target man on the game. Not as good on paper as Zlatan, but i enjoy using him more.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasmac/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasmac/

Wayne Rooney-86

Not your traditional target man, Rooney is the ultimate all round striker. Look at just how many of his attributes are in the mid to high 80′s and you will realise how complete he is. He has all the strength you need to hold the ball up, and the touch to keep it close. He can the turn and run at his man, or take him out all together with a incisive pass.

Mario Mandzukic-83

The perfect aerial threat, make sure you are going to play balls into the box for him. He is clinical when given the chance, but won’t run away from anyone. Heading accuracy 91 though means he likes the ball in the air. 87 strength and 85 jumping backs this up.



This man is the best header of a football in the game, with a huge 94 rating. Then add 93 jumping, couple it with 91 finishing and you have the total goal scorer. He strikes a great volley also so he is perfect for high balls into the box, or crosses form out wide. He is good enough to run in behind and play as a poacher, but in a partnership with somebody to do the running for him, and with two genuine wingers he can be unreal.