How to Defend Like a Pro on Fifa 14


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Finding it hard to defend on Fifa 14? Leaking goals left right and centre? You’ve come to the right place…

We all love scoring goals on Fifa, and in real life of course, the players who are worshiped around the world are usually goalscorers, from the days of Pele all the way to the Messis and Ronaldos of today. To be a truly successful team though, you need to do the business at the other end of the pitch too and shut out the opposition. This is something that a lot of people on Fifa 14 struggle with, so we’ve put together a guide to make sure your sheets are kept nice and clean.

Defensive Controls

First and foremost, lets make sure you are familiar with the controls you need to use when defending (this means when you don’t have possession of the ball, as this is when the controls change)

Xbox first, then Playstation, but you got that…

Y or Triangle – Goalkeeper Rush Out
X or Square – Slide Tackle
B or Circle – Standing tackle (also push or pull when you are chasing a player)
A or X – Contain
LT or L2 – Jockey
RB or R1 – Teammate contain

Most of those wont be new to you unless you are very new to the game, but some people are unaware of the very useful Jockey or Teammate contain features. Jockeying is basically staying on your feet, ready to tackle but also ready to block with your eye on the opponent in possession, this is very useful against wingers and will stop you from getting beaten easily, it can also allow time for your teammates to flood back.

The Right Formation

This is up for debate, and very much a case of ‘horses for courses’ – what works for one team might not for another. The very fashionable 4-2-3-1 is a popular formation when it comes to keeping your defence in order, as it allows for two players sitting and protecting the back four. It can leave your full backs exposed, so unless your wingers have a very high defensive work rate be sure to try and keep the opposing wingers under control.

4-4-2, the old classic, can be great for shutting teams out, the solid ‘two banks of four’ mean that in theory no area of your team should be exposed, you can also play it as a diamond with a DM playing as an anchorman, with the sole purpose of breaking up the play.

Stay on Your Feet

Just like in real life, a sure fire way to get beaten is to go to ground too early and not win the ball, once you dive in you are committed, and wingers or strikers can simply ghost past you. The Jockey feature we already talked about is hugely helpful for this, you’re more likely to have success using the stand tackle button which will also pull shirts or push players if it will help you.

The Right Players

I hate it when sites or videos recommend that you just buy the best players to deal with problems. Sure, it will help, but we can’t all do that on ultimate team or in career mode, and some of us like a challenge. Instead, take a ‘moneyball’ approach (that’s what I do) and look for players with attributes in the right places.

Centre Backs – Strength, Heading and Tackling are vital. Pace is helpful.
Full backs – Pace (helps getting back after joining in with attacks), defensive work rate, tackling and ideally strength.

My point is that if you can’t afford the best, at least buy players who fit the bill, and fit your system.

Practice Slide Tackles

Slide tackle shouldn’t be your go-to method of regaining possession, but it sure is useful at times. Timing is everything with a slide tackle and practice definitely makes perfect. Your slide tackles should be last ditch more often than not, even if a player has beaten you it is better to stay on your feet and try and pull them back or force them wide. Slide only when they are about to pull the trigger.

Sweeper Keeper

Lots of us don’t like to play rigid, defensive football, we want a free flowing game, right? Well, in that case, using a sweeper keeper could be helpful for you. Pushing higher up the pitch (perhaps combining with the offside trap) can be a way to deal with balls over the top. Manuel Neuer is the ideal example of a keeper who does this, but a keeper with a little pace can be good at this.

If you’re wondering how to apply the offside trap…

Acrobatic Clearance

I can’t tell you how many times this has helped me out with balls over the top and similar. Sometimes putting your foot through it is the only way, and you can even do this facing the opposite direction. If chasing a ball back towards your own goal you want to clear it, Hold LT or L2 with your clearance button and defenders will get rid with a bicycle kick or similar. This doesn’t even seem to depend too much on the ability of your players, so don’t worry if you’re a lower league team!