Lionel Messi Fifa 13 Rating and Stats

In many ways the face of Fifa 13, Lionel Messi, just like in real life, is probably the best player in the game. In real life, Messi has broken the record for the most goals scored in a calendar year in 2012 and looks set to have a storming 2013, which is reflected in his statistics.

Overall Rating = 94

Out of a rating of 100, Messi is a 94, so not bad you might say. Most top class players on the game are rated between 80 and 90 and to see a player exceed 90 is a rare site. Comparatively, his Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo is a 92, also very good but just short of Messi’s outstanding rating.


Messi’s full Fifa 13 Ratings and Statistics are below:

Acceleration = 95
Agility = 94
Balance = 95
Jumping = 73
Reactions = 95
Sprint Speed = 92
Stamina = 80
Strength = 67
Aggression = 48
Interceptions = 22
Att. Position= 92
Vision = 90
Ball Control = 96
Crossing = 85
Curve = 87
Dribbling = 97
Finishing = 95
FK acc = 82
Heading Acc = 73
Long Pass = 75
Long Shots = 88
Marking = 13
Age = 25
Height = 5’7
Weight = 147 lbs
Nation = Argentina
Position = CF/ST/RW

Traits and Specialities

Messi has a lot of the traits and specialities on the game that set the quality players apart. Lio is classed as having a Finesse shot and being a team player under the traits section, which I’m sure nobody can argue with.

His specialities are:

Speedster – Messi is lightning fast.
Dribbler – Again, nobody can argue, Messi is amazing with the ball at his feet.
Clinical Finisher – Well with all of his goal scoring records this is to be expected.
Complete Forward – Lio can do almost anything you need a striker to do on a football pitch and is the complete striker for Fifa 13.

Future Improvement

Messi is still only 25 and amazingly still has room on the game to improve slightly in spite of his ratings being already through the roof. Lio is not necessarily on your radar for signings in a manager career mode due to how much he will cost to bring to your club (sorry, if you’re managing Crewe Alexandra, it isn’t going to happen) but you never know what a takeover can do for your top flight club and I have seen Mr. Barcelona leave and even request a move away from the Camp Nou.