Making FUT Coins Using the 1, 2, 3 Method

fifaultimateteamThe next in our series of posts about making more coins in Fifa Ultimate Team is what we’re calling the 1, 2, 3 method. This is a method that is regularly used in Youtube “Road to Glory” videos and is used in order to make coins, attain top quality players  and for some, achieve the amazing teams you see in some of their videos.

Step 1:

When searching in the transfer market, You set the minimum bid to 20,000 and then the maximum bid to however many coins you are willing to spend; For this example we’ll say 50,000. After that you will set the minimum buy it now to something like 100,000… Doing this will get rid of the cheap players that you’re not going to make any profit of. This will also highlight the players that are currently selling for under their buy it now price which means you could pick up a serious bargain.

Step 2:

Next, search through the market to about 2-3 minutes left on the auctions and see if you can spot any bargains or anyone you can potentially make a profit on. You can then add that player to your watch list. Keep doing this until you have about 5-6 players on the list.

Step 3:

Finally, manually search for other people selling that player on the transfer market, and find the lowest available buy it now price. Make a note of what it is, and if the player you have on your watchlist has a lower buy it now price than the other ones on the market, buy it. This is a method that is guaranteed to work every time because you know that you are making profit on every single player you buy. When using this technique, remember to take into account that EA take 5% on every sale in the transfer market and that could be the difference between a profit and a loss.

Getting the search right at the start is the key to this, it will highlight all the top, ordinarily most expensive players selling for a bit less than what they should. This is arguably the best way to turn a profit on the marketplaces built in to FUT, but it is the most time consuming. If you stick with it your team will soon start to benefit from it, and you can sit back and watch the reward.