Pick That Out- Players With The Best Long Shots ON FIFA 15

We can all agree that the new shooting animations for FIFA 15 mean that striking the ball has never looked better. However scoring them has become doubly difficult as of late. If you want some quick tips on how to score you can see our article on that here. Moving on it is important when striking them form distance that your player possesses great long shots and also shot power. Below we list 10 players in the game who pack a wallop from long range, and can have the opposition defenders screaming to for somebody to close him down. These are the players with the best long shots on FIFA 15.



One of the most overrated players in world football is a huge player on FIFA. He is always a powerhouse and his long shots follow suit with that. His long shot rating is 90 and his power an incredible 94! H plays form out wide so deploy him as an inside forward and cut in to unleash that power. Make sure you have him cut in on his strong left foot though as he is terrible on his right side.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/jansolo09/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/jansolo09/

Cristiano Ronaldo

Probably the bets in the game, is world footballs top boy. He can unleash truly spectacular goals form distance. He has all the other abilities to get him into dangerous positions, then long shots of 93 and power of 94 to really punish the opponent.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/121483302@N02/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/121483302@N02/

Arjen Robben

Another world superstar with one hell of a ping on him is Robben. He has long shots rated 90 and power 86. The great thing about Robben is his entire game is based on cutting in from that right hand side onto his strong foot. I like to run him on the outside a couple of times, just to mess with your opponents. Then when they think that’s your game plan cut back with his great pace and dribbling to unleash at the goal.

Paul Pogba

Now this an interesting one. Many people will have sen his stunning strikes, and the fact is he is still only 21. That means if you get him in career mode you can improve his already hefty ratings. His longs hots are 88 and his power 89, but both these will grow into the mid to high 90′s during his career.

Alberto Costa

Here is one from left field. The Spartak Moscow man can really strike a ball, especially as he usually picks it up deep in the central of midfield. He has long shots of 89 and power of 90.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

As you may know, the big man can really belt a ball. Physically huge in the strength department that reflects in his shooting in the game. He has power rated 93 and the long shots attribute is 88. A cracking player to have come towards the ball and turn on goal when getting the ball into feet. The ultimate target man.

Fredy Guarin

The Colombian is famed for his distance shooting. Did not get much of a look in at this summers world cup, but if you get to use him in FIFA 15 you will see he has one of the best long shots on FIFA 15.  Long shots 87 backed u with power 91

Blerim Dzemaili

You may not think he would hit a list of the best long shots on FIFA 15, but he is very underrated. Both his Long shots and power are in the high 80′s coming in at 87 and 89 respectively. Very consistent striker of the ball.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/mktxo/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/mktxo/

Gareth Bale

Bale has a long shot rating of 88 and power 87, but both of these can grow into the 90′s in career mode. Even though these stats are enough on their own to make the list, finesse shots from distance is where Bale is at his best. Cut in from the right and look to bend them into the opposite corner making full use of his 87 rated curve attribute.

Steven Gerrard

The final place on this list goes to the man who has scored probably the most important long range goals. In his prime Gerrard used to be mustard from 20-35 yards and still is in FFA 15. His long shots are 86 and his power is 90, meaning he sneaks in ahead of a few other quality names who were unlucky to miss out.


If you are looking for a few more players with the best long shots on FIFA 15, then these guys deserve a mention and were unlucky to miss out on our top ten.

Marco Rues-Long shots 89-Shot Power 85

Robin Van Persie-Long Shots 86-Shot Power 90

Toni Kroos-Long Shots 88-Shot Power 87

Wayne Rooney-Long Shots 85-Shot Power 91

Aleksandar Kolarov-Long Shots 86-Shot Power 90