Possession Is Key- Guide to Passing and Keeping The Ball On FIFA 15

They say possession is 9/10 of the law, but in football that can be deceptive. However it always helps being able to string more than 2 passes together and your opponent will find it hard to put the ball in your net if you have it. With the dangers of pace in this years game it is vitally important you are responsible with the ball, and do not leave big gaps to be countered upon.

As well as possession, passing is the best way to create goals, moving your opponents about before placing that perfect through ball with which to get your man in on goal. We will discuss the benefits of through balls, chipped passes and long switches of play amongst others.



The first thing we have to stress is that unless you are behind going into the last few minutes keep calm and keep the ball. Unlike Fifa 14 you can not just launch a long cross field through ball and have your winger be in behind instantly. You have to work for your goals this year. The defenders are more clever and you have to knock it about to get them out of position. Once this happens you can then capitalise using some of the methods we will discuss in a moment.

 You can use either long cross field balls or short sharp passes to manoeuvre your opponents as long as it is done at a good pace, and with sensible thought. That Hollywood pass may come off once or twice but it will not yield consistent success unless used at the right time.

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When the ball is played into you, it can be brought down with a much better first touch if you hold in L1/LB. This should allow your midfield player to have the ball out of their feet, but still under their control and ready to move it on or dribble with it.

Make sure you are not holding in the sprint button when receiving the pass in a tight area, as usually this will lead to you taking a heavy first touch and losing the ball. However if you have a little space it can be beneficial as it will get you on the move quickly, and give the defending players less time to get back at you. Doing this is crucial when racing on to through balls, which we will discuss later.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/hussainca/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/hussainca/

Pass and Move

It is important when trying to keep hold of the ball that you have men free to receive it. So when you are in the opposition half, make sure when you are holding in the off the ball run button. This means you can draw a player close to you before knocking it to a close team mate and running round him as he follows the ball leaving you to run in behind. To perform off the ball runs hold in the LB/L1 button when making a pass.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfonsojimenez/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfonsojimenez/

Types Of pass

There are a few different types of pass that can be used effectively, but the right time to use them is crucial. This is hard to teach as it really is very dependant on tactics and game situation however we have given what we think is the best possible guide on how you perform them.

Through balls are executed by pressing the Y/triangle button and pass the ball into space ahead of a player so they can run on to them. Use these when you see a gap in the opposition defence that a player can run in to. The lobbed through pass is effective when you have a lot of room to cover between the passer and the receiver, to minimise the risk of interception. It will be harder to bring down however and it is likely a defender will track you. It can be executed by holding in LB/L1 when performing a through ball.

Long passes are the best way of switching the play. Powering up is crucial though so practice these a lot. Generally ¾ power will be enough to switch the ball from one flank to another without being intercepted.

Finally we have the short pass. Your bread and butter. Use this the most to keep the ball, keep it simple and wait for those openings. When you use it combination with the other tips and tricks we have given you it will be at its most effective, especially the off the ball runs.


The most important thing now is to take the tips given to you and apply them to the players you have. You may not have amazing creative players so look to keep it short and knock it round teams rather than spreading it around. Maybe you don’t have a quick striker to run onto those through balls, so look to be direct and create space fro crosses. Practice and experiment to find the perfect results for you.