Richest Teams on Fifa 13 Career Mode

Fifa’s career mode seems to get better and better every year, and Fifa 13 is no exception. One of the toughest tasks when starting out on career mode is choosing a team, and of course one of the biggest factors in this is money. We all want to bring in players on Fifa and make our own mark on the squad we inherit, and having the luxury to pick any team we want means that we can make sure we choose one with a few quid sitting in the bank ready to spend. Some on the list are regular contenders, some have newly inherited wealth, all will allow you to bring in some amazing talent.

Man City £83 million transfer budget – Lets get the richest out of the way early on. Man City, just like real life, are happy to throw some money at you in the hunt for trophies, and if you want to ship out some deadwood in the squad there’s more money to be generated there, too.

Barcelona – £61 million transfer budget - Barca have a bit of cash too, but beware, the squad is in desperate need of improvement… NOT. If you want even more money just flog a couple of players for MEGA money.

Chelsea – £39.5 million transfer budget – Not ridiculously large but a fair chunk of money to do something with in Chelsea, and there are a few bargains to be had on Fifa 13 too.

Paris St Germain £59 million transfer budget - Big spenders of recent years PSG give you plenty of cash to attract all of the best players on Fifa 13 and already have the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the squad.

Real Madrid - £77.5 million - Slightly more cash at Real than rivals Barcelona, but dont expect it to be easy to beat them to the title in Spain, even if you do have a few million extra, and a forward worth the same amount as a small country’s economy.

Zenit St. Petersberg – £31.5 million - Okay not quite as much as all the rest but Zenit have a ridiculous amount of money to spend when you consider the players you’re up against in Russia. Beware the cold if you’re headed to Russia for your management career though.


If you’re in it for the cash and looking for a Billionaire takeover, you can earn points in the game and buy one from the EA catalog – so you can make any club you like super rich and take them all the way to the top!