Speed Demons- The 20 Fastest Players In FIFA 15

The old saying goes that speed kills. Well when it comes to FIFA it can be decisive. Every season gamers are eager to know who the quickest players in the game are. Well we here at Fifa Blogger will run down the list of the top 20 fastest players in FIFA 15 right here for you.

You may need speed for different reasons. Be it that your struggling in Ultimate team, or maybe you need a nice direct pacey winger to turn defence into attack quickly. With the new ability to use the “park the bus” tactic (which makes it extremely hard for your opponent to score) speed on the counter attack crucial in FIFA 15. Either way knowing who the fastest players in FIFA 15 are is a pretty good place to get your scouting mission for speed demons started.


20. Deandre Yedlin RB -Pace 93-Overall 68


19. Obafemi Martins ST-Pace 93-Overall 76


18. Lionel Messi CF-Pace 93-Overall 93


17. Gervinho LW- Pace 93-Overall 81


16.Cuadrado RW-Pace 93-Overall 83


15. Lucas RW-Pace 93-Overall 82


14. Cristiano Ronaldo LW-Pace 93-Overall 92



13. Raheem Sterling RW-Pace 93-Overall 80


12. Arjen Robben RM-Pace 93-Overall 90


11. Nanamdi Oduamadi LW-Pace 94-Overall 66


10.Ryo Miyaichi RM-Pace 94-Overall 67


9. Kekuta Manneh LM-Pace 94-Overall 61


8. Fahad Al-Muwallad RM-Pace 94-Overall 67

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7. Cedrick Mabwati LM-Pace 94-Overall 69


6. Gareth Bale RM-Pace 94-Overall 87


5. Dominic Oduro ST- Pace 95-Overall 64


4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang RM-Pace 95-Overall79


3.Jonathan Biabainy RW-Pace 96-Overall 79

jb2. Theo Walcott RM-Pace 96-Overall 81

tw1.Mathis Bolly RM-Pace 97-Overall 64



As you can see the speed ratings, compared to the overall ratings can really vary. That goes to show that speed is not everything in this game, but it can really help in the right situation, and if deployed correctly. Over the next few weeks we will bring you further information on the quickest players on FIFA 15.

These will include things like the best cheap quick players in career mode, the quickest strikers, quickest wingers and quickest defenders in the game. Also we will look at the quickest players from the lower leagues to further assist your career mode exploits, as well as the cheapest quick players for Ultimate Team. Stay tuned to Fifa Blogger for the latest news and articles as they become available.