The Best Players on Fifa 13

With every new Fifa game released, one of the most eagerly awaited features is the way the guys at EA Sports have ranked the players. The world of football changes a lot in 12 months, and players can improve a lot in that time, and just as easily their abilities can decline.The best players to sign on each of the Fifa series is always changing, and on Fifa 13 I think they have just about got their best players down to a tee.

The players listed below are all players whose potential can take them to an ability level of 90 or over in the career mode, or players who are already over 90 (not  hard to guess who some of these guys are). Of course there are regenerated players on the game introduced all the time who can top 90, but these are the guys already existing on the database at the start of the game, and most of them are approaching a very high rating already.

  • Lionel Messi – Barcelona – You knew he was going to be on here, right? Starting off at a rating of 94, Lionel is still only 25 and has the potential to get even better on the game.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid - Lio’s nemesis, Cristiano is slightly older so doesn’t have as much room to improve, but is still one of the best players on Fifa 13.
  • Eden Hazard – Chelsea - There’s been a lot of talk about how much better Eden Hazard gets on the game, undoubtedly he is a player of huge potential and is still only 21, expect his rating to go over the 90 with regular football.
  • Hugo Lloris – Spurs - One of a few keepers on the list, Lloris is still a youngster and though he starts off under a 90 rating he wont take long to get there.
  • Joe Hart – Man City - Staying with Goalies, Joe Hart has shown over the last year or so that he is on top of his game, and his Fifa 13 ratings represent this.
  • Cesc Fabregas – Barcelona - Been around forever but still only 25, Fabregas starts off rated 87 but can creep past the 90 mark as the game goes on.
  • Mario Gotze – Dortmund - Theres been a lot of talk about this young German fella, and he was amazing on Fifa 12, perhaps a bit too good, but he starts off at 84 this time and has plenty of time to hit 90.
  • Sergio Aguero – Manchester City - He’s banged in the goals for City over the last year or so and is a deserved future 90er on Fifa 13.
  • Stevan Jovetic – Fiorentina - I cant wait for this guy to get a move to the Premier League, but for now, I’ll have to put up with signing him for United. A definite future 90.
  • Jack Wilshere – Arsenal - Unbelievably, he hadn’t played since the last Fifa when this game was released, so only starts off as an 82, but reaches higher marks as the game goes on.
  • Mats Hummels – Dortmand - Another of a golden generation of players out of Borussia Dortmund, Hummels has been a great signing on the last few games too, and may well get over 90 in your Fifa 13 career.
  • Wayne Rooney – Man Utd - Rooney has been a brilliant player to have on your side for almost 10 years of Fifa now! 13 is no different, nor will 14…or 15…
  • Gareth Bale – Spurs - The second Spurs player on the list, Bale has shown his abilities for the club in Europe and the Prem over the last few years and is still a 22 year old. He reaches the 90s with relative ease on Fifa 13.

Notable Mention:

These guys I’ve heard mixed reports on. Undoubtedly the player potential and how good they can become is very different on this game, so in terms of youngsters and getting better, the players vary depending on the careers your game gives them. I think that is a good system, but it makes it hard to show you people’s exact abilities. Here are some guys who have gotten very good on some people’s careers (and not improved or even gotten worse on others).

  • Mesut Ozil
  • Fernando Torres
  • Mario Balotelli
  • Paul Pogba
  • Luis Suarez
  • James Rodriguez
  • Samir Nasri
  • Oscar
  • Cristian Eriksen

As you’ll find a lot here on Fifablogger, I’ve talked about the players to buy for the future, there are 90 + ers such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic who are great, but wont really improve and aren’t the best guys for a long term career mode.