The Best Young Full Backs on Fifa 14 Career Mode

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The full backs are often the forgotten men in football, but nowadays they are providing an all-important attacking threat. Here we offer you a few of the men who can give you an extra dimension going forward, while being very effective at the back, and it’s one area England are excelling in.

Luke Shaw

We start off with one of English football’s golden boys. Shaw may start off with a modest rating in the low 70′s but this lad is the real deal. He has big Pace and Acceleration stats, which are key to full backs on this game, and they will soon burst into the 90′s making him impossible for even the quickest wingers to burst past. Luke is much more than this though. He has very good dribbling and crossing marks as well as the strength and stamina required to play on the flanks. Get Shaw in your team early on and you will never have to worry about your left flank again.

Phil Jones

Although a bit of a utility man and probably better at centre back, Jones in classed on Fifa primarily as a right back. Not the quickest of players on this list by any means, but easily one of the best in terms of tackling and strength, Phil will take the ball of players without needing his pace to recover.  Very hard to knock of the ball, he is extremely useful at maintain possession and his versatility is a massive bonus. The fact he starts of rated 78 means he has a place in the very best squads from the outset.

Adam Matthews

He may not be English but he is certainly British, Celtic’s Welsh right back is a truly fantastic career mode purchase. Cheap early on in the game Matthews has all the attributes in the right places to be a real asset in even the best teams, despite his modest 71 rating. Capable going forward, if not so spectacular as others on the list this man really excels at defending. Quick, strong and with tackling attributes that grow exceptionally quickly, he is also very deceptive in the air. This means he is fantastic when he has to tuck in and make those last ditch headers from crosses to the far post when the rest of your defence has been taken out. A quality acquisition for all clubs in time, especially if you occupy those 12-5 positions in your respective league.

David Alaba

A fairly obvious choice, but we could not have this list without the best young full back on the game when it starts getting a mention. It is easy to forget that the Munich man is only 19 and anybody that young that starts with a rating of 81 is a must buy if you have the cash. He will be a long term solution at left back and ensure you never have to outlay serious cash in that position again. His outstanding pace and attacking attributes mean he can attack admirably from full back, or slot into a wide or central midfield position with ease. As you would expect from a player who starts for the kings of possession football, Bayern Munich, he is an extremely capable passer both over short and long distances.

Raphael Guerreiro

The next name on our list with a real good value for money option, and a good buy for those with long term projects or in a lower league. The FC Lorient man starts off with a low rating of 66 but his potential can see him fly well into the 80′s over time. He is much more of a primarily attacking full back, but is still more than capable of doing his duties at the back, and his speed ensures he can mop up behind you if you like to play a high line.

Héctor Bellerín

Our final name on this list is Arsenal’s young right back, and also the player with the lowest starting rating on any of our lists. A meagre 56. Definitely a long term solution rather than a first team regular to start off, he can slot into league one teams or even championship sides at a push. Available cheap or on loan with a view to a permanent deal later on, and boy do you want a permanent deal. Bellerin grows by over 22 marks and will reach the mid 60′s in his first season with the right exposure to first team action. He does possess high marks in the speed departments meaning he can recover things if you do play him at championship level, and when his marks improve he becomes one of the quickest in the game. Another who likes attacking more than defending, Hector is a fantastic choice if you enjoy plucking a lad from obscurity and ensuring he becomes a superstar.