The Old Guard – Best Players Over 30 In FIFA 15

So much of football these days is focused on youth, youth and more youth! Well we here at FIFA Blogger do not discriminate against the older generation. Maybe you need a bit of experience to bring on those young lads,or perhaps you just want to assemble a squad of quality older players to show these youngsters how it is done. One of the bonus features added to the new career mode this year is designed to benefit the older players.If your senior man is getting game time, playing well, he will decline less severely and delay any potential retirement.

Below we give you a list of the best Over 30 players in this years game, and the ones we enjoyed playing with the most. We have compiled them into a 4-4-2 starting 11.


GK-Iker Casillas

We kick off with the man who seems to have been around forever. Casillas is still in his prime by gaolkeeping terms, and if he can rediscover some form he could break all kinds of appearance records. Suffered in the World Cup, but with a rating of 84 he is still one of the best in FIFA 15.

RB- Iraola

The mad from Bilbao may be 30, but he still has great pace and stamina to get up and down that flank. A really good man to use in game, and i enjoyed using him in Ultimate Team also.

LB- Darijo Srna

Although technically a RB on FIFA 15, he is just as adept at playing on the other side, and has done it many times over his career. Not the quickest anymore, but he has insanely good technical abilities. Brilliant at crossing, passing and free kicks, Srna carries a scarily good threat going forward. Get him bombing forward and cutting in on that left foot of his.

CB-John Terry

The first man on the list is the man who is the king, of the Kings Road. Mr Chelsea, captain fantastic, whatever you call him John Terry is a colossal defender. He may be 34 but he is a great tackler, and simply unbeatable in the air. Would make most teams, let alone an over 30 team.

CB- Nemanja Vidic

Despite being 32, it was a shock to many he was let go by Manchester United last season. He is rated 83 in FIFA 15 and is a powerhouse. High aggression, big strength and huge in the air, he is a beast at the back and a great defender.


CM-Andrea Pirlo

The cultured Italian just has to be on this list. A master of passing, and still managing to get into the top 50 players on the game despite all the younger midfield men around him. Pirlo never had legs to loose even in his prime, instead he control the pitch with his great touch, unbelievable passing and sublime technique. Players may be quicker at running on the pitch, but non are quicker at thinking. Pirlo has a rating of 84 in the game.

CM- Xabi Alonso

There was outrage in Madrid when he was allowed to leave for Munich. £7 million seems steep for a man who is in his mid 30′s. However he has set numerous Bundesliga records in his first 5 games for touches, distance covered and completed passes. Still a class act in the real world, and in FIFA 15.


RM- Frank Ribery

The little French man pops up on the right in our team. The best winger in the game with an 88 rating, he has great pace still and dribbles extremely well. He is also a sublime passer if you want to cut in with him. A top player, and one that would grace any team.

LM- Danny

The Zenit man is a great winger, and is perfect for numerous roles. He has two good feet so can be deployed on either side of the pitch and has still good a good turn of pace. He is a good crosser but really is best when cutting in and looking to link up the play.

St-Robin Van Persie

The Dutch master scored a truly memorable goal in the summer, and with an 88 rating expect him to crack in loads more in FIFA 15.  His finishing,volleys and shot power are all in the 90′s. So expect that when he gets a chance provided it will be taken 9 time out of 10. Scores all types of goals and is a constant threat.


St-Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The big Swede is in the top three players in the game, even when he is 33. Some say his best football has come in his 30′s and it is hard to argue. He has ridiculous stats with finishing, shot power, creativity, strength, dribbling and ball control all in the high 80′s or 90′s. The best player on the list and one of the best in the game.


Subs Bench

There are plenty of notable mentions for the subs bench in this team including at Gianluigi Biffon, Bacary Sagna, Xavi Carlos Tevez and Dani Alves. The names above are simply some of our favourites to use in the game, but the men on this subs bench are sublime players in their own right.