Tips For Managing In The Lower Leagues On FIFA 14- Best Lower League Players

Managing your team in the lower leagues in career mode can be a daunting task. You will usually have a minimal budget and a minimal squad size, then add into that the jam packed league campaign, League Cup, FA cup and JP Trophy. All this comes together to give you a huge uphill challenge! But never fear, Fifa Blogger has everything you need to become a legend of the lower leagues, and take your team all the way to the promise land.

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As we mentioned in our intro, you will have a packed fixture list as a lower league manager. This means you will need to assemble a large squad if you don’t want to be competing with players who have low fitness all the time. Doing this on a budget is very tough, so we are going to list a few of the players we think are must haves if your going to reach the top. These lads combine youth, with enough quality to make a difference in the first team instantly. Most importantly they have a decent potential growth, so you can sell them on for a massive profit in order to fund your ambitions during the career mode.


Shaquille Hunter

You will find Hunter playing for Bristol Rovers in the first season. He will cost you around 80k. He has a potential rating of  80 which is great for a lad who starts of at 51. His technical stats are not great, but he has fantastic pace and more than enough to trouble full backs in league 1 and 2.

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Leo Chambers

This lad is pretty well known to most who play FIFA 14, but he is so good we had to give him a mention. Chambers starts off at West Ham and can be picked up for 150k. He is the sort of defensive rock you can build a team around and over time will become capable enough on the ball. He can be deployed as either a holding midfielder or a centre back. His strength will be a big asset when dealing with powerful lower league strikers, and he can reach as high as 81 with regular football.

Josh Murphy

Another good attacking wide player, Murphy is at Norwich City when the game begins. Available for around 200k he can be deployed from the left or in a central striking role. Like Hunter he has enough pace to trouble lower league defences, but is slightly more astute technically. He can grow to reach the low 80′s and we have seen him move on for as much as 7-11 million after just a few seasons.

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Ferid Matri

Perhaps you would like to raid the foreign leagues to improve your lower league side. Well they say you should build from the back and the first move you need to make is for centre back Ferid Matri. A potential growth of 80 means the 200k you have to pay from him is nothing compared to what you can receive further down the line. He starts off with 82 rating for strength, 62 for marking and 61 for heading. These attributes make him perfect to deal with the physical nature of the lower leagues and the rest of his attributes soon catch up. A must have.

Luca Pontigo

Maybe you want to look at the potential riches of South America to add some flair to your front line. Well make sure you stop off at Colo Colo in Chile. Pontigo is a great all round striker and can grab you the goals needed to get you promoted in the first season.  Although he only has a 55 rating, we bought him for Burton and parted with 95k for him. 10 months later we were going to league 1 and Pontigo had a 63 rating. We sold him on in the January for a cool 900,000. Even though we let him go, Pontigo can climb as high as 79 and easily hold his own in The Championship.

Duane Holmes

Finally we bring you a young lad from Huddersfield. Holmes is a energetic central midfielder but can also fill in nicely at full back. His versatility will be key with a packed fixture list. Decent pace and a deceptively good finishing stat, Holmes can be an asset at both ends of the pitch. His potential can see him reach 80 if given the game time.