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FUT New Features for FIFA 15 Announced

With Gamescom still going on in Germany the FIFA 15 announcements are coming out thick and fast and the latest new features to be announced are all Ultimate team related; The first feature and the one that

FIFA 15 Legends Announcement!- Confirmed Ultimate Team Legends In FIFA 15

If you have been reading any of our preview posts for the new FIFA 15 launch over the last few weeks, you will know there has been lots of talk about which legends will appear in the

Fifa 14 Bargain Strikers – Cheap Firepower!

Everyone loves a bargain. That feeling of getting something for nothing is one we all relish, and that is definitely the case with career mode purchases, especially strikers. It may be that you overlooked this crucial area

Need for Speed: The Fastest Players on Fifa 14

How quick your player is can be a crucial asset on Fifa. Whether you are trying to race in behind a high defensive line as a striker, speed past full backs as a winger, or mopping up

The Best Young Goalkeepers on Fifa 14

The goalkeeping position, more than any other, gives you the chance to pick up some real gems on the cheap, and turn them into world beaters! This is perhaps because a goalkeeper isn’t considered to be in

Building the Basics: FUT Central Midfielders: CDM, CM and CAM

When looking at the CDM position it is very important to have someone that has a very good all round card, someone whose attributes are all in and around the 70s… You’ll find that this player will

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Preview

With the world cup nearly upon us EA have decided to help everyone catch onto world cup fever and also make a ton of money doing so, but after all they are a business and making a

FUT Building the Basics: Full Backs

Today we move on to the next area of our “Building the Basics” series with a look at the full backs in ultimate team. Is it perhaps little surprise that everyone’s most looked at attribute for this

FUT – Building the Basics; Centre Backs

Is it no secret that the easiest and best way to earn coins is by playing games and winning divisions, to do this you need to need to find that winning formula in your team. One of

Making FUT Coins Using the 1, 2, 3 Method

The next in our series of posts about making more coins in Fifa Ultimate Team is what we’re calling the 1, 2, 3 method. This is a method that is regularly used in Youtube “Road to Glory”