Using the Global Transfer Network and Scouting on Fifa 15


A couple of editions ago, Fifa switched to its new Global Transfer Network method of finding players, designed to make the process more lifelike. This means that we don’t have the information about players available on demand, but instead have to go out and scout for it. We’ve put together some tips on how to use the global transfer network to the best effect, and some cool stuff you might not have known you could do!

Choosing Scouts

First up, we’ll go through the basics. You can have up to six scouts in your GTN, and depending on where you choose to start you will already have some in place. Just like with the youth scouting, new staff cost money and the better the scout the more they are going to cost. They are rated on a scale of one to five stars, five of course being the best. A five star scout will have much better judgement, and is more likely to find top players when given a brief, give you more detail on that player and do any further scouting quicker than a poor scout.


Your next step is to set up instructions for your scout. There are settings which allow you to tailor what you would like.

Age – the range of ages you will consider, look for a youngster or veteran.
Position – Set your scout searching for the position you most need to fill in your squad.
Contract length – players with expiring contracts can be bought at a cut price a lot of the time, or even brought in for free if you’re patient.

There are many attributes you can choose from when telling your scout what to look for, this will help you to find a player who has certain traits such as a target man or box to box midfielder. You can tailor the search so that you are brought back a very specific player if you so wish or you can keep things a bit wider and get your scout looking for promising young players.

A great tip is to look for players with contracts expiring in the next year, they’re cheaper if you want to buy them straight away, and in January if you want to offer them a contract to sign at the end of the season, if you are managing in the lower leagues this can sometimes be your best option when it comes to signing players on a shoestring budget.

Where to Scout

Unlike the Youth Scouting aspects of the game, the global transfer network is based on the leagues within the countries in question. Looking for a world class player in South Korea can be a real problem, but countries with thriving leagues and even second or third tiers on the game are the easiest places to scout simply because of choice, more players simply increases the probability of somebody meeting your requirements.

When a Player is Brought Back

When your scout finds players they will be returned to you on the GTN section of your career mode menu. News items will appear in your inbox telling you that new youth prospects have been found. At this point in time the information you have will be limited, for instance they may be able to tell you that a player has pace of 78-88, but to get a more accurate reading of a player you can ‘further scout’ them. This will narrow the attributes to a precise figure, and can show you the overall rating of a player; this also brings you more information on the value and wages of a player so you get a better idea of what you will be paying for their services. The scout will inform you via email when he has his ‘final report’ on each player. They are only able to scout a few players at a time in detail, so choose wisely!