What Championship Team Should I Be On FIFA 15- Championship Challenges FIFA 15

With FIFA 15 being released to the world, we now know exactly what the game has to offer for us. However now we have it we all need a good career mode team to pick. Bringing a team up from the Championship offers a lovely balance for any potential career mode. You are starting in a lower league, so nothing will be handed to you on a plate, yet you are within touching distance of the promise land. It will allow you to develop young players, and create a team and career mode with its own little back story and identity. With all this in mind we have compiled a list of a few challenges to undertake with teams from the second tier of the English game.

Nottingham Forest

Budget- 3,800,000

Forest are two time European cup winners, and were once considered one of the biggest teams in British football. They have assembled a squad this season full of payers who should both excel at the championship level, and have the potential to kick on and play at a higher level. They have a very nice mix of youth and experience, plus the money to put your own stamp on the squad. Assombolonga up front will give you power and pace, while Henri Lansbury can pick out the gaps and really dominate the midfield. Replacing Loanies Darlow and Lasselles could prove crucial after your first season, and your success will depend on the level of players you can bring in to fill those gaps. Who could resist the offer of making Forest great once again, and doing the memory of Clough proud.



Norwich have just fallen out of the Premiership, but in truth, still have a Premier League squad. They have great strength in depth and should breeze through The Championship on this game. This would give you time to buy young talent and really work on spending your considerable budget on scouting and the development of your youth team. If you prefer to buy the best, you have the cash to buy some fantastic players for Championship level. Promotion should prove easy, staying up second season will be where the challenge begins.

Rotherham Or Brentford

Budget- 800,000/675,000

At the other end of the spectrum we have two of the newly promoted clubs in the league. They both have a similar budget and similar strength of squad so it is really up to personal preference which you pick. This offers up much more of a challenge as they will struggle to compete within their new surroundings and may need you to immediately strengthen. All of this you will need to manage while on a tight budget so expect to rely on the loan market to begin with. Masterminding a meteoric rise for two clubs that have not been at the top table for a long time would be very satisfying. You are basically trying to take a league 1 club to the promise land, but you get a one league head start. How you tackle it is up to you, but balancing between old heads available on the cheap, and young prospects you can develop with constant first team football and sell on for big profits would be our chosen method.


Budget- 2,300,000

Two words, crisis club. You have got no squad, you have got no depth. Where do you go next? This challenge would take all your skill and judgement in the transfer market. Picking up veteran players at bargain prices and freebies to bulk out a squad capable of handling the hectic Championship schedule. One thing in your favour is that your budget for Championship level is not too bad. Steadying the ship at the one time premier league giant killers, and then rebuilding the club to deliver success in the future offers what we think, is one of the hardest challenges available in The Championship on FIFA 15. Well we just love the sound of that now don’t we?

We could go on and on about challenges to undertake in The Championship, and that is the beauty of it. We could have easily mentioned Wolves, Ipswich or Leeds as equally interesting challenges. It is a league packed with character and stories. Nothing is handed to you and there is plenty to aim for, yet you are not a million miles away from success. We will definitely be starting off in this league and using the top Four challenges in this article to begin our career mode fun this season.