Who To Be On FIFA 15 Career Mode-The Ten Richest Clubs in FIFA 15 career mode.

Monet talks, especially when it comes to picking a team to start your first career mode with on a new edition of FIFA. Well any career mode for that matter. Below FIFA blogger list the top 10 richest clubs on Fifa 15. So this way  you will know exactly whereabouts you need to go across the globe to find those lovely generous chairman. Before you go spending those virtual millions in your head though, check out the list to make an informed decision.


PSG-102 Million

No surprise that the French big boys top this list. They easily have the best squad in the French league so next stop should be European and world domination. Maybe some pace to help Zlatan out up top could be required, but you have the finances to reinforce your current superstar squad, and build a promising young one for the future on your reserves.

Real Madrid-80.5 Million

The new wave of Galacticos is in place, but just like in the past, they lack quality at the back. look to strengthen here with the very best Europe has to offer, and also search for a replacement for the departed Xabi Alonso and his deep lying play maker skills. Arturo Vidal would be a good place to start.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/calciostreaming/

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/calciostreaming/

Barcelona-68 Million

Last season was very poor by the Catalan giants high standards, however the squad is still formidable. Young fresh legs on the middle of the park is crucial as Xavi is getting old fast. Also a new look defence could be in order, definitely at centre back and also someone to challenge the ageing Dani Alves.

Manchester City-68 Million

Pretty much in the type of position where you have close to the complete squad. Building a strong youth team and plan for the future may be the best reward at Manchester City. You can also just buy and sell to your hearts content and create a dream team, if you do not have the patience for youth. Both are good.

Monaco-63.5 Million

Stripped of all their big name attacking players, this budget is a mouth watering prospect, and classic FIFA challenge in the making. Bring in quality all over the pitch to challenge PSG for honours in the French domestic competitions and also look to make a big impact in European competition. Pace up top will be needed as will some young and mobile defenders.

Bayern Munich 46.5 Million

Untouchable in Germany, but under heavy fire in Europe, Bayern have Lewandowski in their ranks to deploy up top. The golden generation of German players though is getting older, and looking for youngsters to boost midfield and the flanks could be important. The established pros are so good, your young players will have time to improve and then replace them when they finally start to fall away.

Chelsea-46.6 Million

You have one of the most complete squads in world football, and money to improve it. Luxury thy name is Chelsea. It is hard to see what you will need to add.  Maybe a few more young prospects to develop and offer long term replacements to the likes of John Terry. Also may be in need of one more world class central midfield player. Paul Pogba anyone?

Img Credit:https://www.flickr.com/photos/86624586@N00/

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Liverpool-34 Million

If you want to put “that slip” firmly in the past and win the title then you already have a squad that has been strongly invested in. It may come down to simply putting your own stamp on things and what formation you want to play. If a world class central midfielder is available that may be tempting to replace Gerrard. Although you could opt to look to a young English lad, who can come in and learn under the great man for a few years before taking his crown. Will Hughes at Derby offers a good fit.

Img Credit: Wikimedia user Ultraslansi

Img Credit: Wikimedia user Ultraslansi

Zenit-34 Million

Something of a unique career option. Zenit are well established as the kings of Russian football, without being a dominant force completely. Look to use their massive cash advantage to completely freeze out any opposition domestically before using the extra quality brought in to really make an impact in the Champions League.

Manchester United-33 Million

Feeling the pinch of missing out on the champions league was not in evidence in reality, but has hit the Red Devils on FIFA 15. Centre back and right back are two key areas that need looking at, and you may also consider trying to offer a better balance in midfield. This will act to help out the wealth of “number 10′s”, and avoid those troublesome counter attacks.