Young Stoppers-The Best Young Goalkeepers On FIFA 15

The peak of a goalkeeper is very different to an outfield player. They hit their prime in their late 30′s usually and can perform well into the late 30′s. This means anyone 24 or under must be considered young in goalkeeping terms. Players like Iker Cassilas have started young and gone on to break many records. Perhaps you need a young man in between the sticks to be the custodian of your defence for 10-15 years during career mode.

Buying a young keeper means you will always have a safe pair of hands, and a lad who gets better every year. If you choose one of the men on this list you can be assured in the fact your goals will be well protected for a long, long time.

Thibaut Courtois

We may as well start with the best. Thibaut is the second best goalkeeper at the start of the game, and given he is only 22, can jump into the 90′s in terms of ratings. The best option if you are lucky enough to have the money, or if you happen to choose Chelsea as your career mode team.



Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Second only to the man above him on this list, Barcelona saw the potential in him and decided to bring him over from Germany. They needed a replacement for Victor Valdes and the 22 year old fits the bill nicely. Sadly you won’t be able to sign him in the first season, but if you have the money available he is a great option in the second season of the game.

Simone Scuffet-GK

Quite simply one of the best young keepers we have seen on a FIFA game for a long time. It is rare you see a goalkeeper with these kind of ratings and still in his teens, he starts off with and overall beyond 70. He will develop quickly, and easily challenge Courtois and De Gea for that best stopper in the world title.

Mattia Perin

Another quality young Italian, Perin has the potential to reach the high 80′s with his ratings. He starts off with a 76 overall, meaning he can come in straight away and perform very well. The Genoa man is 22, which as we mentioned, is nothing to a goalkeeper.

Jack Butland

Luckily from my English bias perspective, we have a young man coming up quickly as well. Butland is 21 and rated 72 to start. He has one of the highest potential growths of any goalkeeper and will reach at least 84. A quality option and one i love to use. Won’t get a look in at Stoke with Begovic there, so move quick to get him!

Andre Moreira

The man from Portugal is the perfect option to develop behind an experienced number one keeper. He only starts off with a 64 overall, but will hit 80 given the time. If handled correctly he will go beyond that and earn you at worst a hefty sell on profit, and at best a club legend for many seasons.


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