Young Wide Boys- The Best Young Wingers On FIFA 15

The position of winger is evolving and changing in the the modern game. It is becoming more and more about cutting in and scoring goals, as much as it is about getting wide and delivering crosses. Whatever your chosen style, young players have always bursts onto the scene more on the wings than any other position. This is because their youthful legs and speed are so well suited to operating in wide areas of the pitch. With that in mind Fifa Blogger looks at some of the best young wingers on FIFA 15, both overall and in terms of potential for your career mode team.

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Zakaria Bakkali

We start off the list with FIFA 14′s superstar young player. Bakkali could reach the 90′s on last years game, and while he may only get into the mid 80′s this year, that is still a huge leap from his 71 starting rating. He can also be brought in really cheaply in the first season, so he represents even better value than last year. As well as all those factors he has all the same strengths you remember. Very quick and getting quicker all the time, a superb dribbler and once he starts to improve, a deadly goal threat. The ideal player to deploy on the wing.

Timo Werner

If you want a young lad with electric pace, who will carry the ball on the outside and whip it in then Werner is your boy. This is his game from the start with 90 ratings for both sprint speed and Acceleration, yet he will become much more than that. He will develop passing and also finishing to go with his already impressive dribbling. A genuine winger who can create, and score.

Lazar Markovic

Liverpool’s new man may have gone a little under the radar, but he is a world beater on FIFA 15. He is lightning quick from the start of the game, so he can hold his own in your team even if you play at the top. He is also very agile and will develop his shooting quickly so he will become a genuine gaoal threat. After a few seasons he was my favourite career mode winger to use, and his high starting rating of 78 is great for a lad still 20 years old.

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Memphis Depay

A real attacking winger who will run at his man and cut inside, Depay is the modern footballer to a T. Quick, gifted technically and a real goal threat, you can see why he is so sought after. A huge addition to any team in career mode and his 78 overall makes him pretty dangerous to start with.

Juan Manuel Iturbe

This young 21 year old is a world beater from the start. A modest 77 rating does not do him justice. Electric from the word go with sprint speed and acceleration in the 90′s he will be pushing to reach 90 overall by the end. He will have great shot power and long shots and he will become an unplayable force from the wing. A must buy if you have the money available.

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Next we have the man who is the best young wingers on FIFA 15  at the start of the game, and for most of it in truth. Simple as that. Brazil’s golden boy is quick, an immense dribbler and a fantastic goal threat.  Can be deployed through the middle as a striker to arguably even better effect, a real luxury player if you are lucky enough to acquire him.

Adnan Januzaj

We finish the list with Manchester United’s big hope for the future. The young Belgian has bags of potential in the game and can reach the high 80′s once he is fully developed.  A decent passer with a nice burst of acceleration, Januzaj can be the sort of wide mine capable of cutting in and linking up the play, or taking his man on the outside and delivering quality into the box.