Youth In the Middle-Best Young Central Midfielders in FIFA 15 Career Mode

The central midfield position is one that can fit a number of players and styles. Perhaps you need a player to holf and break up play, or somebody to burst about the pitch putting out fires one minute and getting in the box the next. Or perhaps its that midfield maestro who controls play that will make your team.

Either way Fifa Blogger give you a list of the best young central midfielders in FIFA 15, for you to deploy in career mode. We have players already at the top of their game, and players just begging for some first team exposure to fire their careers into the stratosphere.

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Jack Wilshere

The young Englishman has been a fixture on these lists for the last few FIFA games now. He has developed his game to play slightly deeper as of late, and FIFA have taken note of this. The thing that makes Jack so great is he has got it all. Fierce enough to get stuck in, and mobile enough to pop up all over the park. He can sit in the middle and help retain the ball, or burst forward and join in the attack. A great asset to any top team on the game.

Paul Pogba

Yet another complete midfielder who is already a world beater at just 21 is the former Manchester United man. The French have a wealth of young talent in this game and Pogba is right at the head of that line. Immensely powerful and with killer long shots, he will motor around the pitch and win the ball back. He is not simply just a powerhouse though, he has the deftness of touch and passing ability to prize open defenses with subtlety as much as power. He is also a big threat in the air from set pieces and crosses.

Youri Tielemans

Maybe the best find of FIFA 15 career mode, this young Belgian is 17 at the start of the game and comes with a 73 overall already!  That can then reach at least 88 as the years progress allowing him to become one of footballs great midfield players. He truly is the complete midfielder, mobile and strong enough to keep running all day, He will also develop the technique required to dictate play, and the aggression and tackling to win the ball back for himself. A quite magnificent playmaker over time and the perfect midfield general.

Mateo Kovacic

The Inter Milan man is a great young midfielder to pick up early on> He is rated highly enough, at 75, to fit straight in and can progress into the mid to high 80′s. ┬áMore of a creator than a destroyer he is quick over the ground and can dribble very well with the ball. Vision and short passing are also high and he develops a very dangerous shot as his career progresses. Forms a very good partnership with the next man on the list…

Junior Malanda

.. Junior Malanda. If you need somebody to be your midfield powerhouse then why not turn to yet another one of Belgiums golden generation. Malanda is insanely strong and will break up play really well from the start. He is also a brilliant tackler and will can play for the top teams from the start as these attributes will carry him through, Then once his other attributes start catching up you will soon find yourself with the worlds best holding midfielder.


James Ward-Prowse

The future of the English midfield is yet another graduate form Southampton’s prolific academy. He is really well balanced and has good attributes in all areas without excelling. His crossing is particularly good, making him a great choice to tuck in on one of the sides of a narrow diamond. Passing and vision soon become very strong areas as will his mobility and stamina.

Gedion Zelalem

Zelalem is another quality midfielder from the Arsenal academy. The German starts of in the low 60′s but can hit the 80′s if played enough. This big jump makes him a great buy to develop and sell on, or make a permanent fixture. He becomes very nippy and really is the type of player who looks to control the ball in the middle of the pitch. He retains it by keeping it close with a great first touch, and is accurate when looking for his teammates.


This is but a few of the quality players available to win the midfield battle in your career mode, but their is a gold mine of talent to tap when searching for the best young central midfielders in FIFA 15. Other who deserve a mention are Tony Vilhena, Richedly Bazoer, Nabil Bentaleb and Ruben Pardo. Keep searching and keep trying new things to create your ideal midfield.